Case study - reChocolize


ReChocolize is a company that brings novelties in the ways we are consuming chocolate. ReChocolize melted chocolate is a real refreshment on the market of hot drinks. Melted chocolate is offered in five different tastes and two vegan options. Our task is company branding, representation on social media and creating an interesting, intriguing and informative campaign.

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google ads
  • Design
  • Copywriting - Blog

Focus in on the punch line: “the choice we fought for”. We are offering multiple choices: melted instead of the hot chocolate, chocolate instead of the powder, quality instead of the average. To make a cup of hot chocolate, we usually stir the powdery substance until we get the desired texture. In the case of the melted chocolate, we are melting real chocolate bar in the glass of hot milk.

hot vs. melted = powder vs real chocolate

In the coffee shops and the stores, Rechocolize chocolate bars arrive as a packaged product with the accompanying declaration. Our mission is to promote the importance of transparency of all the ingredients people can find in the products they are consuming. Consumers who are struggling with allergies, have special diets or are vegans, can safely use ReChocolize products. An accent is on the melting ritual - which relaxes and allows you control over consistency, temperature, and texture of the melted chocolate.


To avoid similarity with the usual media campaigns for the different chocolate brands, teasers are focused on the huge difference between the questionable powder and the real melted chocolate.


The campaign is also focused on the history of the melted chocolate. We pointed out all the benefits of chocolate consumption and all the advantages of melted chocolate over hot chocolate. The accent is still on your choice: choice between melted and hot chocolate and between different tastes.

A special promotion is designed to celebrate Valentin’s day and Women’s day. The focus is on the special melting ritual and all the rituals that connect us with people we love or are in love with.


The accomplished results represent our success in the best way: more than 700.000 people are now informed about the ReChocolize brand and 40% are involved in reacting to the designed online content.

The most important indicators of success are numerous smiling faces after enjoying ReChocolize melted chocolate.