Case study - Premium Genetics


Premium Genetics is the leading prenatal test distributor in Serbia and BiH. As an authorized representative of reputable company NIPD Genetics, Premium Genetics delivers modern noninvasive prenatal technology.


  1. Google ads
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Copywriting

Our task is to provide a comprehensive digital marketing service and to achieve an increase in the number of satisfied customers.


The first step is focusing on onsite elements and keyword research. The next step is to work on Google ads campaigns in Serbia and BiH. Successful social media approach is determined by efficient targeting - to increase the number of interested pregnant women and decrease the number of inquiries from social groups that don’t fulfill the terms.


To create long-term Google ads strategies and Social Media campaigns, first, we had to analyze the current situation. Our team tested numerous campaigns and modified all the parameters, so they could be suitable for every country. Campaigns were designed having in mind all the preferences of the targeted groups. We’ve used different sales messages and later compared the results.

The Social Media approach has a triple task - increasing brand awareness, an increase in the number of inquires, and increase in the number of clients. The strategy covers several different campaigns, which are intended for different focus groups. After defining the strategies, determining the targeted audience, and adjusting the parameters, our team was focusing on designing visual and textual solutions. The ultimate goal is to send the right message in the right way.

Our services include creating blog posts for both Serbia and BiH branches. SEO blog posts require the frequent usage of important keywords. The goal is better positioning in Google searches.

These blog posts abound with verified and actual information, that can be useful to potential clients. The goal is to inform the future parents about all the important questions regarding noninvasive prenatal tests (when to do the procedure, which pregnancies are especially at risk, who is it intended for, how is the procedure performed…), and all the interesting facts about pregnancy and prenatal care.


Google ads campaign gave us excellent results - website traffic increase by 39% and the number of realized prenatal tests increase by an average 13% annually. The reach increase of 38,87% and the impression increase by three times are the consequences of successful targeting. Coordinated social network activities resulted in an increase in realized prenatal tests by an average of 21% annually.

The results of our hard work are noticeable - an increase in the number of realized prenatal tests by 34% annually in the countries digital marketing strategies were conducted.